Yaesu FT-70D-Wires X Rooms

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C4FM stands for Continuous 4-level Frequency Modulation. (FM), and is the actual digital modulation of the radio signal used in System Fusion over VHF/UHF. Wires-X is the node linking/voip technology that allows nodes to link across the Internet.

For WIRES-X, an amateur node station connecting to the Internet is used as the access point and connects the wireless communication to the Internet. Users’ stations can communicate with other amateur stations all over the world using a node within the radio wave range.

WIRES-X supports the C4FM digital and the clear and crisp voice technology enables high sound quality. By repeating C4FM digital data as it is via the Internet, users can enjoy clear voice communications even if they are thousands of miles away each other.

Utilizing the digital communication, the WIRES-X operation is simple, easy and user friendly.
Varieties of the new functions as well as voice communications expands opportunities for enjoyment of ham station operation.

WIRES-X automatically connects to nodes and rooms via the Internet. No more need to verify connection IDs or transmit cumbersome DTMF connection codes.

Information about nodes and rooms is exchanged via C4FM Digital signaling. Thanks to automatic reconnection to the previous contact, all you need to do is press PTT and start talking.
Easily search for new nodes and rooms, and initiate communication promptly when you find an ID that captures your interest.

Yaesu FT-70D, finding and saving Wires X rooms into memory