Oregon Hamwan Gets $88,000 GRANT

The Oregon HamWAN program has received an ARDC grant of $88,000 to expand its digital communications network.

The project aims to enhance amateur radio digital and emergency communications capabilities between Portland and Salem, Oregon.

The nonprofit plans to expand its digital communications network by deploying 12 network backbone distribution sites between the two cities. Eventually, the sites will connect to the Puget Sound Data Ring, which currently extends from Seattle to Vancouver, Washington.

The network would allow emergency management personnel to communicate in the event of a disaster, such as a major earthquake, that disrupts telecommunications systems.

In such cases, amateur radio operators will be able to quickly set up network nodes where they are needed to provide emergency communication via the Oregon HamWAN digital network.

ARDC is a California-based private foundation that supports innovative amateur radio projects. The foundation makes grants for projects and organizations that follow amateur radio’s practice and tradition of technical experimentation in both amateur radio and digital communication science.

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