Batteries Available To Local Hams

Attention All Amateur Radio Operators

As many of you know, I can get high-quality 12V AGM batteries from Intel, on occasion, that have only been used for 5 years of their 10 year warranty (you don’t get the rest of the warranty, but you they are free, so good deal), for use by ham radio operators who promise to responsibly dispose of them (e.g. turn them into a battery shop for free, not dump them in a river) when they reach the end of their life (typically another 5+ years). For those of you who got some last time, the ones that are available this time are the ones that are shaped like car batteries (not the tall, long, skinny ones). I’ve included the data sheet for the batteries so you can see the size/specs/pics.

There are a bunch of them coming available in the next month or two, so let me know if you are interested, and how many you’d like and/or if you know of other ham radio operators that might be interested (typical use is battery backup for emergency comms if/when power might be out).

High Quality 12V AGM Batteries, 97AH capacity
Roughly the size of a typical car battery
Previously gently used in Aloha Intel Fab
Batteries have 10 year warranty, but only used for 5 years (retired
early to make sure the fab never goes down)
(Warranty doesn’t transfer, but hey, they’re free)
Should be available in the next month or two
Free to ham radio operators
(Typical use is as backup power for emergency radio comms at home and/or
in repeaters, “portable” rigg power, etc).

Only stipulation: Those who receive batteries promise to dispose of
them responsibly when they’re done with them (e.g. give them to
Interstate Batteries, Batteries+Bulbs, or other such places who will
recycle them for free).

If your interested in getting a battery. Contact Mike, KG7KON.

Please whitelist this email address since Mike hosts his own email server on a home server and said check your spam folder if you don’t get an email back from him.