All Weather Field Station

Last Updated on December 20, 2021 by Site Admin

It’s taken some time to get off the ground, but I’m happy to announce the All Weather Solar-Powered Field Station project.

The All Weather Solar-Powered Field Station is my attempt to put together a man portable, rapidly deployable, 2 operator, solar-powered field station other operators, clubs or organizations in the emcomm or survival communities can replicate.

That said it’s also important to remember that this is just the template or kind of a guide. I’m just showing you how I’ve been able to implement my field station. How you implement yours will depend on your requirements, budget, and of course your individual goals. Remember there’s no right or wrong way here. There’s only the way we achieve our goals!

Portable Ham Radio Station on Solar Power | Introduction

In today’s video I’d like to discuss the concept of a solar-powered portable ham radio station field station for casual or emergency communications. Those of you who follow the blog, probably already know about this project. For the rest of you here is a video introduction of a concept I call the All WX Solar-Powered EMCOMM Field Station.

The concept for a rapidly deployable, man-portable ham radio field station, came to me after the grid down disaster caused by Hurricane Maria. Hurricane Maria knocked out electricity and communications throughout Puerto Rico. this was an Awakening for many preparedness minded amateur radio operators around the world.